Ocicat Special 2023

Oci Special 20.5.2023 at Spinneriets Cat Show in Vårgårda!

We would like to thank all our amazing sponsors! Be sure to check also the special offers from the sponsors. 😻

Nutrolin® is a sponsor at the Ocicat special exhibition on May 20. Nutrolin’s nutritional oils for cats provide healthy skin and fur, flexible joints and healthy kittens.

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The code is valid until 30/6 2023, can be used on one order and applies to the Nutrolin® range for cats. Cannot be combined with other benefits.



OCI-special 2023 20th of May at Spinneriets show, Vårgårda

Honorable judge: Arja Martikainen


Judge’s best Ocicat finalCH S*Pagngle’s Boy Named Sue JW
Wildest lookSE*Alsmarks Maximus
Best spotsCH S*Pagngle’s Boy Named Sue JW
Best bodyCH S*Pagngle’s Boy Named Sue JW
Best contrastsSE*Hormuz Harissa
Longest/best tailGIP SE*Cats Are Us Hurricane
Largest/best eartuftsSE*Alsmarks Siska Scalewand
Best muzzleS*Wagga Wagga’s Doris Day
Best coat qualityNO*Li-Jon Pus How blue
Most beautiful eyesSE*Hot Thundereans Kiss Me Slow

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